Go Back´Let´s plan your most meaningful day together.´

'Let's plan your most meaningful day together.'

Our hotel, which hosts weddings, cocktails and various events, is getting ready to greet you gloriously on your most meaningful day. Be prepared to live this fare with its rich menu and elegant presentation.

We are here on this special day that your dreams will come true, you will not forget.

Let us make your dreams unforgettable with a special planning. Let's witness this special day in which your signatures are laid with happiness and applause is echoed in the world.

We are waiting for you to Baia Bursa, which is a great combination of professional service and guru-faced team at the heart for you.

Yeni Yalova yolu 9.km Asmerkez yanı Osmangazi - BURSA

T: +90 224 275 45 00 T: +90 224 275 45 00


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